Tuesday, 21 June 2011


As previously mentioned here my boy brought me the shirt which I had been raving about AND as luck had it the treat had been reduced to £19 (from £30), which is so a bargain -  if you ask me. Now I just have to wait paitently for it to arrive and then comes the test - will it look on me as it does on her? I have a sneaking suspicion that possibly not. But well a girl can dream.

Today I have had a slight obsession with tops. Shirts, blouses, vests, whatever you wish to call them. I have a distinct lack of them in my life, I realised recently when surveying my wardrobe (this will come as no surprise to my boy) but I have a tremendous amount of dresses but not many separates I would almost go as far as to say nil! So because of this revelation my clothing budget for this month can only and I repeat only see me buying separates - this means a total exclusion of dresses and play/ jumpsuits...for one month only - this is much harder for me than as you would think as already on a couple of my fave websites I have spotted and saved 'for later' approx 5 dresses *slaps hand* no no. So as my wardrobe is distinctly lacking in staples I have been doing slight research and collating my own ideas for what is missing. When having a nosey online I came across this pic of Olivia Palermo in this article which coincidently makes me very jealous. This more because I fancy her than because I want the boots. The girl can do no wrong. 

If I am honest though there is nothing in the article that made me think "oh how have I lived without..." as I have pretty much everything suggested except the leather jacket and in July although the weather is miserable I can live without a leather jacket. So quick conclusion perhaps its quantity of staples I require aka LOTS of clothes. Question: How far can I make my monthly clothing budget go?!  

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