Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Sunday Sum Up

So while the parentals have been living the dream in Las Vegas on honeymoon I have spent the week babysitting our beautiful bichon frise Socks, known hereafter as The Brother. 

Inbetween walks around the local cemetery and socalising with the other pooches I have managed to find time in my busy schedule to undertake a number activities. Tuesday I attended Take That with my boy, my cousin and his friend Katie - they were amazing. A massive Take That fan when I was little I revert back to a screaming kid shouting at the top of my voice 'MARKKKKKKKKK' asif he could even hear me. Arh well worth a try!

Wednesday I cooked tea for 10 of my lovely ladies follwed by a couple bottles of vino...and a cheeky bit of vodka. The Poor Brother retreated upstairs to cover his ears I expect as when we get together we all tend to talk at one of two volumes Loud and Louder. The subject matter started blue haha and by the end of the night we were reminising of our youthful days and before I knew it we had created a school reunion event on you do!

Thursday I went for a run. That is all, and is about the sum total of all I did to aid any weight loss this week. This however is to change this coming week.

Friday we made appointments to give notice of our marriage eeeek!! We also did a few other wedding bits like speaking with the photographer and my boy messaged the band we are hoping to have at our reception so fingers crossed for us please. The weather was crappy as it has been all weekend so as a treat after I had mithered him senseless the boy caved and took me out to lunch where we stuffed ourselves stiff, came home and had a very lovely and well deserved afternoon nap...which lasted about 2 hours. oops!

Saturday was a busy one, up and at 'em. The boy was working refurbing the art studio and I went off to spend a nice day with my mother-in-law to be and to visit the lady is who going to be making my wedding dress. Her studio in an old mill was big and airy and I got a good gut feeling about her. *does happy dance* I then went off for tea with two of my bestest girls to celebrate one of their birthdays but also their impending motherhood (due date next Friday). They are my 2 bestest friends from our uni days where we would do art and discuss our weekly 'whats new with you' every Monday in our cold, damp and not very stable studios.

Today (Sunday) was another miserable day. Even The Brother didn't want to play out instead choosing to sleep on the couch squashed between me and the boy for most of it. Anyway, we made the effort and off we went to this which was pretty excellent. I got soaked in my blue maxi and green wedges but my boy treated me to a very pretty dress and a meat and potato pasty. Can't say fairer than that hey?!

This week I am back to work, I have my slimming world magazine at the ready, ipod is charged so I am ready to be hitting the pavements with my trusty running partner Jodie and get cracking on this supposedly wedding diet! Wish me luck and good night x

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