Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Love Bridge

The boy and I undertook a trip over the easter period to Hamburg, Germany where we lived on a shoe string budget of 25 cent beers from the supermarket, fizzy (yuck!) water, bread and coleslaw. Following on from there we spent many memorable days in Lodz exploring the Manufacktura, eating smalec and drinking lots of beer.

Image from My boys blog.

Before going on another train journey to Wroclaw. On picking up the 'Wroclaw in your pocket' travel guide which I found in our hovel of a hotel I came across a little side story about a 'Love Bridge' I swooned.

You see I am a girl like any other, I love Mills + Boon, romcoms, flowers, fairytales - you name it I am on it. And here was a romantic monument just minutes from my room.
The bridge which I am raving about is called Tumski and is in the old part of Wroclaw. So off we toddled and even though for that particular day the sun didn't shine on us and we were p*ss wet through the bridge for me (maybe not my boy) was stunning. I took a few photos on my blackberry camera to keep with me and although me and Jared opted to not take part in the tradition, instead saving our money for more sensible piwo and food stuffs I was rather taken aback by all those before us who had gone along and felt they had to go get a padlock and have it engraved and add to this.

And of course as I am a girl - I loved it and it made me think of all that we do when we are fully in love. You know that head-over-heels all consuming type of love. The type of love that doesn't really show itself all that often which is probably best seeing as there would be Romeo & Juliet's all over the place.

It was that craving for a happy ending which inbred into females from an early age which I pondered that day when we visited the Love Bridge...I'm still pondering.

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