Sunday, 19 June 2011


I have been on and off (although mainly on) a diet since October 2009. Even as I typed that then I had to do a double check because jeez that sure is a long time dieting...isn't it?! Don't get me wrong I have had times when I have completely veered off track such as the time me and the boy when to Munich and I ate and ate and ate and ate like a pig...when ironically it was a whole load of pork knuckle and sausages that I stuffed down my throat.

Anyway, the past few weeks I was definatly OFF the diet for the most part but since meeting the dressmaker on last Saturday and being told that basically I have until October to lose the weight I want to as this is when my dress will commence to be brought into being, I have been focused.

I have over the 2 years lost a fair whack of weight already even if I do brag so myself, 51lbs to be exact.

This week my running partner and me have been pounding the pavement Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and already I can feel the difference.

Its mental but you would think knowing I am getting married in 41 weeks (yes I am counting) this would stop me reaching for chocolate...crisp...and erm pretty much whatever is available to shove in my mouth and instead live on salad and steamed things but no.

A definite no if this weekend is anything to go by...a sneaky double cheeseburger on my drive home from Bradford today and then a snickers but following it up with a plate of veg for tea.

I have made plans for running, aerobics and swimming this week...if that helps?

Seriously lackage of will power.


This is pretty

Check this tempted to run to the shops and make one of these bad boys!!

I just saw this and swooned

Wish I looked like Lana Del Rey loving this tune

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