Monday, 20 June 2011

Monday Mop Up

Good evening on this rainy Monday night I have just got back from visiting my Nana in hospital who was in surprisingly high spirits considering...possibly the morphine?

How miserable is this weather?! I ought to be wearing my summer wardrobe and not still be clad in tights, cardigans and my knee highs. Although I will confess I don't mind miserable mid-week weather especially when I am locked away in the office between the hours of 8-5 bells but a bit of sunshine wouldn't go a miss.

Today at work I finally felt like I had got straight with my work - you know what I mean? Since being off for the 3 weeks in April/ May to go gallivanting round Germany and Poland and then again another week more recently in June to Socks sit while the parentals were in Las Vegas I just hadn't managed to get to the bottom of my To Do list. But today was that day. Emails fired off left, right and centre and although the end of the To Do list is not yet reached I can see it yayy! It so annoyed me though this morning at 8:20am sharp when I opened my Microsoft Outlook and had received 25 emails all from system administrator informing me I am over my memory limit - surely just the one email is needed? and who really is picking up emails at 2am, 3am, 4am in the morning on a Sunday...not moi! Total duplication of work and totally not needed just another nuisance on a Monday morning. So I shall expect the same again tomorrow. (negative?!)

Anyway, the diet was going well today I even bragged on my twitter how I had gone the whole day and not eaten choco, biccies or crispies...then I got the hospital and a cafe mocha and kitkat later and well the rest they say is history or in my case all resting in my belly. Tuesday is another day I suppose? Advice from my friend Elizabeth also a fellow bride-to-be was to not start properly dieting for the ole wedding until 7 months in advance, maybe this piece of advice I shall follow haha I am so just finding any excuse to be greedy and continue eating vanilla cheesecake like the one me and the boy devoured last night. FIT.

This morning on my way to work I got my daily @LibertyLndnGirl newsletter which always cheers me up no end especially with the subject this Monday morning being on worklife balance something very dear to my Human Resources heart. Also - I came across this little treat of a blog today She Likes Shoes which has made its way into my favourites at work especially liking the blog on Monet, he is one of my faves! I shall never forget my first time in the National in London and seeing his work in the flesh their is no feeling like it. Awe-inspiring I tell you.

Right - I think it is time to retire upstairs to the bedroom. Shower, mills and boon and just because that's the kind of girl I am (aka lazy) I shall give the mop as rest and let it dry au natural and 'boffed' as the boy says.

Night Nighty.

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