Thursday, 28 July 2011

Hi - I can't stop long....

I'm offically crap.

I haven't blogged for ages.

I need a kick up my bum but I have been busy but everyone's busy. Anyone missed me?!

Weddingville has totally taken over my life. I am spending my lunches following up emails, batting of questions to the venue about how many plates they've got (10 btw), wine glasses (25) and checking places like ikea for the cheapest dinner plate (31p) and do you know what I love it - and I like to think I am pretty good at it too. Tonight I am taking my friend to ikea to load up on 31p plates. They are cream - my mum ever the dramatic "CREAM!!! oh no - cream is horrible - why cream - no white, white plates we need". I like to think that cream is possibly one of the most inoffensive colours ever invented and white plates are £2 odd and when I am buying close to 80 of the things 31p cream plates will do ME not We.

Diet has been going you know - well (pauses to think)...I think - hmmm. You would think that the thought of having a dress fitting in approx 10 weeks would be enough to stop me scoffing 7.5 syn Walkers Baked crisp but no (remember I am slimming world ambassador). I have however been running twice a week with Jodie and now 'power' walking (and talking) with Leanne also twice a week. It is our therapy - we moan about life, lack of money, clothing prices. You know the usual and then last night I followed it up with 2 glasses of rose (6 syns each) gulp. We also like it just being the two of us. It is our own walking gang.

I am not just running, walking but in addition to this swimming as well - my fitness knows no bounds. I still only lost 1lb this week. Hollow Laugh. I blame the boy.

Update: Following my pledge of slimming world ambassador the boy made me sausages for tea (5 syns each)...and confession I also ate a 50p hotdog at Ikea I NEED HELP.

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