Friday, 1 July 2011

Help Required...

As you know I am getting married in March 2012 and as I am chief organiser most spare moments on the internet are spent looking for bits and bats for the I am sure most brides-to-be do. 

Its become a quest of mine saving images from the blogs I scour for ideas, making list after list, double checking the Budget with a capital B such is its importance, firing off emails and awaiting with baited breath for quotes to be returned. 

I decided fairly early on that I wanted the every increasingly popular 50's type of themed wedding. Mostly this is based on the MOH dress which I have found online for my sister C. Initially I was having 3 little bridesmaids which is made up of our nieces and 1 'big' bridesmaid - I invert this as C is not even 5ft. Since then my other sister K has also been added into the mix. Both C & K have very different body shapes and so the dress which has been picked for my MOH will not suit K. 

Now I have had an idea in my head for the type of dress which I am looking for K which keeps to the theme and suits her body shape and this pic below is totally THAT dress. I just need it in black and this dress' starting price is about £300 and with a wedding on a budget this is a no no. 

(image online) 

Its perfect though. The tiny cap sleeves, the length and waisted sash - I love it. I just have to find it...within our budget of £150. Please keep eyes peeled for me! 

In other news: Blood results came back clear - although a relief totally of no use to me. Still dizzy, still lightheaded, still slightly staggering every now and then with no idea of what it could be?! Frustrated is not the word. Fuming however comes closer to describing it. 

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